What I’m Into: A Snapshot in Time (1/21/17)

The fact that I’m making this post like a week after my first one just shows how quickly what I like evolves.

  1. “Highlight” by Seventeen: Amazing dancing, unique sound.
  2. Dangal: Amir Khan’s movies are always worth watching, and this particular one had a really great message about female empowerment (I cried 4 TIMES)
  3. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran: It’s Ed. There are no other words necessary.
  4. GFriend and Mamamoo? They’re just both so great, and I support talented girls chasing their dreams and being themselves any day.
  5. Jungkook dancing to BlackPink songs at award shows.
  6. Singing terribly and loudly in front of my peers during downtime in class because I only have 5 months left with them anyways, so how much could they really judge me?
  7. All of the extraordinary people attending the Women’s Marches happening all over the country today.

-FangirlingForGood (A proud feminist and clearly obsessed KPOP-listener)


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