So Trump’s President Now: A Journal Entry

At 12 pm today, I walked into my AP Spanish classroom to see the orange face of Mr. Donald Trump on the overhead projector. With my classmates, I watched as he became the new POTUS. I saw the all-white crowds, the over-exaggerated hand movements, and the frankly too-good-to-ever-be-true promises of his (short) inauguration address.

After we watched two Christian ministers (ministers? I think they were ministers) and a rabbi bless him, we kind of just sat there and watched Michelle Obama look like she wanted to be anywhere else and as my friend Serin so eloquently put it, “God crying because Trump became president.” [It was raining.]

Honestly, they need a pundit (as in Indian priest) and a Muslim priest (I’m uneducated I’m sorry I don’t remember the name) when they do these types of things, and I think they shouldn’t swear on any religious text; they should swear on the Bill of Rights or the Constitution or something. But that’s coming from someone who thinks that the separation of church and state is necessary in the multicultural community we live in.

Moreover, we watched the Obama 2009 address after this speech, and the difference was astonishing. Obama is an orator, perhaps one of the best I’ve ever heard. What I liked about his speech was that it was realistic. He wasn’t trying to promise to cure world hunger or rid the world of disease (TRUMP ACTUALLY SAID GET RID OF DISEASE BTW). He gave America the hope and the optimism a president needs to give his citizens without giving out false promises. Trump’s speech, at least to me, felt too exaggerated. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, I really do. I, like many of my generation, depend largely on social issues and what affects me when I think about who I want as my president. However, I really understand that Trump is better than Pence any day, so I really hope he actually manages to do some good.

At this point, politics is kind of numbing. It’s so fascinating to me, but after the past two years, I almost have to step back and see what happens. I hope that when I read this in the future, we have a president that believes in equality for all [regardless of his party], that we aren’t in a nuclear war, and that we have faith in the people who lead us. Maybe that’s too much to hope, but at least I’m not saying that I can make everything by Americans (WE NEED CHINA; REALLY WE DO).

[Update: I was just shown people in India praying to Trump and feeding him ladoos (really?). ]

I just want to end this post with probably the most overused meme of this month:

I just want to acknowledge how thankful I am for the Obama family. From the ages of 8-16, the most fundamental years of my youth, I had a president that I trusted to make the right decision. I had a family to look up to, with an educated and intelligent mother, two brilliant daughters, and a father with endless sassy dad jokes and Hamilton references.

I was thinking today: if in 2012, Romney won, would Trump be president today? Would Clinton be taking up the stage instead? Or Bernie? Or even Obama? Would we be better off? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that I feel sorry for the generation after me, who has to grow up with a president that has devalued women, starred in his own reality show, and has had more scandals than I can even remember. I’m giving Trump a clean slate, but I thank my lucky stars that I have grown up with such a humble and morally responsible president.

I guess all that’s left to say is: Good Luck.


***These posts are the personal opinion and journal entry of a senior in high school, one that is very much aware that she is biased and probably lives in a bubble***


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