1. An injection of potassium to your heart will kill you.
  2. I don’t understand what the word “quiet” means.
  3. An hour is really a long time, if you use it wisely.
  4. Zalfie making themselves as Sims is basically the cutest thing ever.
  5. The bigger the KPOP group, the more they rely on formations.
  6. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems (I’m looking at you Bayes Theorem)
  7. Everything’s better with a bagel.
  8. I should really stop eating condiments.
  9. Breathing right during dance really does make it easier.

Wow, look at all that life’s teaching me, huh? Exactly the kind of scintillating stuff that you wanna learn during the senior year of high school.


P.S. Enjoy some fetus!BTS