Okay, well that might be an exaggeration. I do want to go to prom, and I don’t exactly have prom until May.

But what confuses me is that all of a sudden I’m supposed to have my prom dress all bought and picked out already. This isn’t my wedding; this is a dance. Why do I need to get ready five months in advance?


I get the novelty of it, really I do. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of event, and it closes off your senior year, and apparently you make all sorts of great memories.

But I don’t even know what I want to do this weekend, let alone what I want to wear in May. What if I choose a blue dress but end up getting tanner and it looks too blue? What if I choose a black dress and then I decide that I’m out of my emo phase and want white? Do I go for a short dress because I’m short, or should I get a long dress that I’ll probably like better but will need some serious altering?

These are all vain and shallow first world problems, no doubt, but they’re problems nonetheless. I don’t want to spend $300+ dollars on a piece of clothing that I will actually never wear again. What’s the point? But I can’t exactly reach into my closet and pull out my fleet of Sweet-16 veteran dresses or my professional presentation get-ups. So here I sit, at a crossroads, about to spend money on something that I have to get.

Another option is going to prom in a suit, but I don’t really think that’s my style.

This post really has no meaning to it. It’s just a rant because I’m getting frugal in my older (relative) years.

Alas, I wish there was a prom dress out there that could be reasonably priced AND usable for other occasions. But that’s wishing for too much.

Future Priya, please look back at your senior prom pictures fondly, and try not to dwell on the fact that your prom dress is in hindsight hideous and that it’s currently collecting dust in your parent’s closet.



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