What I’m Into Right Now: A SnapShot in Time

In general, I tend to change what I like and what I don’t like often. Some things never change (my favorite color [blue], my favorite number [7, or 75]), but other things never stay the same (my favorite accessory, my favorite band, my favorite tv show).

So, here is a snapshot of what I like, right now, as a seventeen-year-old right in the middle of her senior year. This is basically for laughs and comparison purposes like 2 years down the road when I find this post again and can reminisce.

  1. Mocassins
  2. Tiny earrings (basically like triangles and tiny elephants and things)
  3. Fan Highlighting Brushes (I legitimately don’t know how to use this thing)
  4. Mascara > Eyeliner (the Lancome 2 Step and the Green Revlon one are great for mascara, and the Jesse’s Girl eyeliner is surprising you because it’s still working)
  5. Milk and Honey  by Rupi Kaur
  6. Esmeralda Rising (IN SPANISH)
  7. Boys Over Flowers, but only Ga Eul and Yijing
  8. KPOP
  9. Ashley Facetiming me to complain about life
  10. Sunsets
  11. Necklaces with tiny pendants
  12. Nivea “A Kiss of Smoothness” Lip Balm
  13. Dessert as an Appetizer
  14. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran
  15. Season 2 of Shadowhunters
  16. Zalfie
  17. The brain
  18. South Korea
  19. Ladylike on Buzzfeed (even though Buzzfeed is dying)
  20. Girl Meets World (aw it ended this week)
  21. Happiness




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