Days I Want to Remember: 1/15/17

For better or for worse, these types of posts are probably going to be few and far in between. Today wasn’t anything particularly special, but looking back on the past twenty-four hours of my life, I can say that I want to cherish the memories I had, and what else is this blog thing for anyways right?


The day started off as most of my weekend days start, with me waking up at some ungodly hour because I really didn’t sleep that much and was trying to finish something up from the night before (in this case, they were scholarships).

After an effective combination of breakfast, fetus BTS, and essay writing, I went to my Sunday ballet class. As usual, this class somehow managed to drain me and energize me at the same time. Also, I am so much closer to my split than I was a month ago, and knowing that reaching my goal is actually possible makes me unrealistically happy.

So after dance and lunch and more scholarship stuff, I got ready to hang out with my friends (Emily and Atul). Now, I may have gone overboard with the makeup, but I recently rearranged my entire room-desk-organization for the new year, and I was able to try a lot of new products that I didn’t even realize I owned. (Okay this story isn’t interesting; this post isn’t interesting: deal with it; I’m writing for me)

Hanging out with Emily and Atul always reminds me of the sharp contrast in the way I interact with my two sorts of “friend groups”. With my school friends, we constantly talk about drama and existential crises and things that completely only have to do with our tiny environment. Otherwise, we’re discussing complex issues and debating like we’re in the middle of the Senate, but that’s a different story. With my “home” friends, I’m almost a different person. I don’t talk about school as much, for starters. But my local friends are like my stress-relievers, and when I’m with them, I forget about the weird little bubble I’ve put myself in. No matter where I am, I still love food and I still act a bit crazy and I still am “me”. But it wasn’t really till today that I realized how glad I am to be a part of two separate worlds.

Also, my friends are awesome and we got weird pizza with cinnamon and apple slices on it but it tasted weirdly okay? I’m very picky when it comes to food, but I’m glad that I can now say that I’ve had pizza that tastes like thanksgiving. We also went to this cool park and I got shots of this nice pond (shown above). Photography is definitely a hobby of mine, but I’m the very definition of a novice. Eventually, I’ll learn what all the camera settings do and what apertures to set the lens to for different shots. For now, I’m content to capture little moments like these. The reason I wanted a camera was because I wanted to be able to record my life: to record the little things that I wanted to remember. Looking back at my college life, or even my senior year, I want to be able to be nostalgic. I want to reminisce. Honestly, if future Priya ever reads this, you should reward yourself for thinking ahead. Also, if you’ve had some terrible things happen to you throughout your life and you need a laugh, maybe you should go back like five years to eighth grade because you wore PUNNY TSHIRTS (nothing beats that honestly what were we thinking?).

Post-picture taking session, I just remember Emily and I being the best friends we always manage to be, no matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen her. I’m glad that I’ve found bonds that are stronger than snap chat streaks and twitter mentions. I used to think that I was the type of person that had a lot of friends; I would invite 50 people to my birthday parties and sometimes I would invite mere acquaintances to my party so that people would have friends to talk to (it got me a Natasha, didn’t it?). Now, I’d like to think I’m wise enough to realize that time and distance are no matches for a true friendship and that no matter what happens, I have a handful of people in my life that I truly care about. I know that as I get into my college years, my friends will expand and contract. But I’d like to think, that wherever I am, I’ll be able to surround myself with diverse people and that I’ll always remember to be myself.

Okay, I’m done being overly sentimental. I just wanted to write down what I was thinking, and I guess that’s all.




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