How to Figure Out Somone’s KPOP Bias (Pt. 2)

Here are some more types of stans in KPOP. All you need is determination and fangirling knowledge. Hopefully, we can actually use this to predict someone’s KPOP bias and get them into the wonderful world of KPOP 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Part 1.

Without further ado, here are six more KPOP stans:

5. Center Stan/Most Popular Member StanImage result for jungkookImage result for kai exo

  • Omg blonde!forehead!jungkook is forever my favorite Jungkook.
  • I am extremely guilty of this, and at this point I can’t even be ashamed.
  • These people usually have short attention spans, or they tend to like whatever they’re exposed to the most.
  • They usually stan that one member of the band that everyone who doesn’t like the band knows.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? Luke or Ashton from 5SOS, HARRY STYLES or Zayn Malik from 1D, Camilla Cabello from 5H, Perrie or Jade from Little Mix, Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, Rena from Hey Violet, Joe or Nick from the Jonas Brothers
  • What does this mean? They’ll watch a music video, notice the person who sings the chorus or the most/the person who dances in the center, and will most likely remember them after the video is over. Some people (like me), actually don’t pay attention to these people on purpose but eventually end up liking them the most anyways. In KPOP, these people will probably know one member from the band because of some variety show or kdrama and will stan them because they pay attention to them as a result.
  • Expected Biases: Jungkook from BTS, Nayeon and Jihyo in TWICE, Eunwoo of ASTRO, Jackson or JB of Got7, Kai of EXO, Wendy from Red Velvet, Hee-chul of Super Junior, G-Dragon of BIGBANG, Jennie of BLACKPINK, Krystal from f(x)

6. Least Popular/Lowest Line Distribution StansImage result for jin btsImage result for momo twice

  • There are people out there that like the person who sings the least. on purpose.
  • Sometimes, this is because they genuinely love the voices of those individuals.
  • Other times, people like having a best-kept secret, and they want to root for the underdog.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? Calum from 5SOS, Louis and Liam from 1D, Dinah and Ally from 5H, Leigh-Anne from Little Mix, the members of FOB that aren’t Pete Wentz, that groovy guitar player in P!ATD, not Adam Levine
  • What does this mean? They’ll most likely love the people who don’t sing the chorus (so prechorus and bridge folks), and they won’t care as much about dancing or being in the front. Sometimes, people stuck between two biases will choose the less popular one as their bias and the more popular one as their bias wrecker.
  • Expected Biases: Jin from BTS, Momo or Dahyun or Chaeyoung in TWICE, Yugyeom or Youngjae in Got7, Onew in SHINee, Seungri in BIGBANG, Suho or Chen[obv not for line distribution] in EXO

7. Dancer StansImage result for jhope and jimin
Image result for yugyeom dance

  • These people like dancing. A lot.
  • They’re more about the performance than the vocals, which is why KPOP is right up their ally.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? I don’t think there’s any particular bias for this, but I do think that being a dancer or being interested in shows like Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance or Dance Moms can be a factor.
  • What does this mean? If a dance stan wants to get into a band, show them the song with the best choreography and they’ll be hooked. Dance stans worship dancer lines and love groups where the choreography is really powerful or elegant.
  • Expected Biases: Every Dancer Line ever including Jimin/Jungkook/J-Hope in BTS, Mark/Jackson/Yugyeom/BamBam in Got7, Kai and Lay in EXO, Lisa in BLACKPINK, Taemin or Key in SHINee, all of NCT and Infinite (Hoya and Dungwoo in particular)

8. Visual/Attractiveness StansImage result for v and jin btsImage result for L infinite

  • This is where the hormones come in, people.
  • Now no one necessarily wants to admit that they pick their biases based on attractiveness, but I think everyone considers it a factor.
  • However, these stans just have a knack for loving the visuals. (not the same as liking the center or “face” of the group)
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? Luke or Ashton from 5SOS, Harry Styles from 1D, Jesy from Little Mix, Lauren or Normani from 5H, Brenden Urie from P!ATD, Joe from Jonas Brothers
  • What does this mean? They like nice faces. They find nice face, they stan. That simple.
  • Expected Biases: Jin and V from BTS, L from infinite, Sulli from f(x), T.O.P from Big Bang, Kai from EXO, Jisoo from BLACKPINK, JB/Jinyoung/Mark from Got7

9. Foreign Stan

Image result for marksonImage result for seventeen joshua

  • Even Americans love Americans in KPOP. It’s the English, I swear.
  • These stans like two things: understanding what their bias is saying and being able to say that their bias doesn’t even speak Korean as a native language.
  • I’m half kidding, but really being from a foreign place other than Korea increases appeal for a lot of people.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? All of 5SOS, all of 1D, Elli Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Adele
  • What does this mean? They’ll hear their future bias speaking in perfect English or casually doing a Thai rap and die right there on the spot.
  • Expected Biases: Joshua from Seventeen, Lay from Exo, Jackson/Mark/BamBam from Got7, Rose from BLACKPINK, Amber from f(x), Ailee

10. Rap StanImage result for bts rap lineImage result for jinjin rocky

  • These people actually listen to rap music outside of KPOP.
  • Naturally, switching genres into a pop-based type of deal is difficult, so these stans gravitate towards the bands that have a more hip-hop or rap-based vibe.
  • (I listen to Hamilton and I think that even got me to like rappers in KPOP a lot)
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? Like American rappers, idk: Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Nikki Minaj, etc.
  • What does this mean? They’ll listen to songs for the raps, and every time the rap line of their favorite band releases a song, they’ll memorize the lyrics and their meanings religiously.
  • Expected Biases: RAP MONSTER AND SUGA and J-Hope of BTS
    • Now if they choose to listen to less rap-heavy music then: JACKSON/BamBam/Mark of Got7, Lisa and Jennie of BlackPink, JinJin and Rocky of Astro, Chanyeol and Sehun in EXO

More coming soon 🙂



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