My Current KPOP Biases: A SnapShot in Time

First and foremost, this blog is supposed to be a journal: a snapshot of what I like and how I am right now. And what I like right now is KPOP, music that opened my eyes to a culture that is constantly surprising me. Even as I sit here writing this blog post, I’m watching an old Weekly Idol episode of ASTRO and watching BTS reaction videos.

KPOP biases change. All the time.

So, as of January 9th, 2016, here are my KPOP biases:

BTSImage result for jungkook

  • Bias: Jeon Jungkookie
  • Bias-Wrecker: Suga/Agust D/Min Yoongi
  • Notable Mentions/Basically also my bias: the maknae line (V, JK, ChimChim); J-Hope… okay really it’s like all of them. They’re all up there.

Got7Image result for bambam got7

  • Bias: BamBam
  • Bias-Wrecker: Yugyeom
  • Notable Mentions (in order because let’s face it they’re all notable mentions): JB, Jackson, Youngjae/Jinyoung, Mark

BLACKPINKImage result for lisa blackpink

  • Bias: Lisa or Jennie (but probably Lisa)
  • Bias-Wrecker: None, maybe Rose
  • Notable Mentions: I LOVE THEM ALL OKAY

EXO (OT9)Image result for xiumin

  • Bias:  Xiumin
  • Bias-Wreckers/There’s so many of them I’m gonna just list the ones that might as well be my bias: KAI, Lay, Baekhyun
  • EXO-M Bias: Xiumin then Lay
  • EXO-K Bias: Kai then Baekhyun
  • EXO-CBX Bias: Xiumin (obviously)
  • Notable Mentions: Sehun, The rest?

MamamooImage result for solar mamamoo

  • Bias: Solar
  • Bias-Wrecker: Hwasa
  • Notable Mentions(aka I still love them so much): Moonbyul &Wheein

GFriendImage result for sinb

  • Bias: SinB
  • Bias-Wrecker: Sowon
  • Notable Mentions: all of them

INFINITEImage result for l infinite bad

  • Bias: L
  • Bias-Wrecker/They might as well be my bias:  Woohyun & Sunggyu
  • Notable Mentions: Their aesthetic, their music videos, THE ORCHESTRAL-NESS

f(x)Image result for krystal fx

  • Bias: Don’t really have one
  • Notable Mentions: Krystal and Amber always stood out to me

I.O.IRelated image

  • Bias: Doyeon
  • Bias-Wreckers: Nayoung, Yeonjung, Somi
  • Notable Mentions: That Very Very Very video

Monsta XImage result for kihyun monsta x

  • I’m still getting into them, so no bias yet
  • Probably leaning towards Kihyun though.

PENTAGONImage result for pentagon kpop

  • I don’t have a bias yet lol, they’re so new.

ASTROImage result for astro

  • Bias: Undecided, but it’s basically changing from Moonbin to Rocky to Eunwoo (and sometimes JinJin or even MJ) and then back again
  • Not gonna be Sanha because HE’S YOUNGER THAN ME IM TOO YOUNG TO BE A NOONA
  • Rocky is probably going to be my bias-wrecker and Moonbin is probably going to be my bias (Eunwoo looks/acts so much like Jungkook that it may be clouding my judgment)

Red VelvetImage result for red velvet yeri

  • Bias: Don’t really have one; maybe Yeri?
  • Wendy’s dancing on Weekly Idol was A+ though

SeventeenImage result for seventeen seungkwan

  • Does Woozi not remind anyone else of Suga?
  • Bias: maybe Seungkwan
  • Bias Wreckers/I love them: Hoshi, DK, MinGyu, The8, S. Coups, Joshua
  • I need time; I need to watch their reality show.
  • Notable Mentions: They are so talented though (3 SUBUNITS OMG)

Every other band not on this list (SISTAR, BIGBANG, etc) that I listen to probably won’t appear anytime soon because I have no current plans to try to pick out a bias.

I think you don’t need a bias for a group, but I think for groups that you watch outside of the music itself, it’s really interesting to see what types of personalities you’re drawn to. For example, I never considered Eunwoo a potential bias for ASTRO until I saw him off-stage.

So, how much is this going to change in a few months, huh?



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