How to Figure Out Someone’s KPOP Bias (Pt. 1)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for 10 years or 10 days. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how many siblings they have or what their favorite color is. Only 1 thing is necessary to predict someone’s KPOP bias, and that is:


I think that who people fangirl over in other bands directly translates to who they’ll fangirl over in a KPOP band, especially in terms of genre and age and position.

**This isn’t a science at all. People can surprise you all the time, and usually are more than one of these categories, so everything’s relative.

So, from personal experience, here are the types of fangirls and they’re predicted biases.

Part 2.

1. Talent Stans

Image result for jungkook dancing

  • This is basically me: this type of fangirl always tends to like the member that is generally shown to have the most versatility.
  • This includes but isn’t limited to: singing, dancing, rapping, acting, being funny, etc.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? Luke from 5SOS, Camilla from 5H, Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco, PENTATONIX
  • What does this mean? They’ll probably like the members that showcase different talents in different songs OR the members that are in the center more because they automatically notice their talent first.
  • Expected Biases: Jungkook from BTS, Yugyeom or JB from Got7, Wendy from Red Velvet, Lisa or Jennie from BLACKPINK, ALL OF MAMAMOO

2. Vocal Stans

Image result for v btsImage result for baekhyun

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory: these people are first and foremost looking for a voice.
  • While TalentStans are okay with having someone versatile who may not have the most complicated range in terms of singing, VocalStans are all about who can hit those high notes and the low notes and everything in between.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? Adele, Ellie Goulding, Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande
  • What does this mean? They’ll probably like the most vocally capable member, regardless of whether they have the most lines or not. However, the member with the most lines is probably going to be their bias wrecker. They’ll probably also like members that have really unique voices.
  • Expected Biases: V from BTS (but Jimin and Jin are possibilities too), YoungJae or JB from Got7, Rose from BLACKPINK, ALL OF MAMAMOO, Baekhyun/Chen/ D.O. from EXO

3. Maknae Stans

Image result for maknae lineImage result for bambam and yugyeomImage result for exo maknae

  • This isn’t necessarily a “type” of member; it about a dynamic.
  • MaknaeStans love the attitudes of the maknaes of a KPOP group, especially how the line acts around each other.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? Every goofy boyband ever, 5SOS, 1D, Justin Bieber
  • What does this mean? They’ll probably be unable to choose between any of the members of the maknae line, or their bias will be the hyung that acts like a maknae. Also, people might like the maknaes just because of closeness in age.
  • Expected Biases: V/Jimin/Jungkook from BTS, BamBam or Yugyeom from Got7, Lisa from BLACKPINK, Hwasa in Mamamoo, Sehun in EXO, Xiumin in EXO, SinB and Umji from GFriend

4. Underappreciated Stans

Image result for jin and jhope

Image result for sistar soyouImage result for eunha gfriend

  • To round off this list for now, here’s my least favorite type of bias chooser: the people who choose to stan the most underrated member just because they are underrated
  • More often than not, people will be endeared by the fact that a member isn’t appreciated enough and will shower them with their love (which is great).
  • The only issue is that sometimes, these stans can be a little mean to the more popular members because of line distribution, center time, etc.
  • Overall though, they’re a very loving bunch.
  • What kind of American “biases” do they have? The members of 1D you forgot existed. Kevin Jonas. Calum from 5SOS. Dinah and Ally from 5H. Lots of bands you haven’t heard of.
  • What does this mean? They’ll probably be hooked to these singers and visuals and dancers from one performance, and they’ll manage to stand out, even if they don’t have a lot of lines or a lot of time in the front. Also, their members may even have good line distribution but just aren’t the most popular. Sometimes, people switch to a bias because they find out that a member is underappreciated (rooting for the underdog).
  • Expected Biases:  Jin or maybe J-Hope from BTS, Euhna from GFriend, Soyou from SISTAR,  Lay, Chen, Suho & Xiumin from EXO, Wheein from Mamamoo






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