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The Life and Times of an Atypical Teenager

My Summer Bucket List

I'm probably not going to get through all of these, but at least they're all realistic to complete so let's do this: Get CPR certified Volunteer at my┬áPT office Learn CHEM (GET CHEM MATERIALS) Get registered to vote Learn to... Continue Reading →

TV Show Couples are Toxic.

Delena. Chair. Clace. Ezria. MerDer. Name an iconic relationship in a TV show, and I bet you that 3/4 times, it's probably a toxic relationship. Maybe not at the end, but definitely in the beginning. And it makes sense, really.... Continue Reading →

I Only Cry When I’m Overwhelmed.

I have a problem... well it's not a problem so much as it's an observation: I can't cry if I'm not overwhelmed. So I can do happy tears, laughing tears, sad tears... but none of that ever happens unless I'm... Continue Reading →

The Dead Period: What Happened

So a lot of stuff happened in the three months or so that I didn't blog (which I am and will catch up on), but instead of trying to do "BACK IN TIME" posts, I'm just gonna list some of... Continue Reading →

My First Week of Summer: A Bulleted Summary

Yah, I know. It's like July. Why is my first week of summer so late? The answer: NEW JERSEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The long and short of it is that we don't understand the concept of needing snow days and inevitably... Continue Reading →

July 2017: A Playlist

Well here we are... It's July. 7/12 months in 2017 over. New month, new adventures, new music, and of course that means a new Spotify playlist. Full disclosure, I'm going to be going to India in like two days for... Continue Reading →

I Think My Personality Changed.

Somewhere between filling out college applications and dealing with everything else going on, my personality changed. I took the Big 5 Personality test, kind of because I was bored and kind of because I was curious, and these were my... Continue Reading →

Orientation is Tomorrow.

Okay, so it's technically today as I'm writing this past midnight, but you get the idea. I have orientation tomorrow, and for the first time in a long time, I'm nervous about making friends. I'm a really social person, or... Continue Reading →

What I’m Watching Right Now: The Vampire Diaries

(okay, I'm about to fangirl. You've been warned.) I told myself for about 6 years that I wouldn't watch this show. Really, I did. I watched my friends go through phases where they were obsessed with it, listened to them... Continue Reading →

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