College: It’s finally here.

In three days, I'm going to be leaving the place that I've known (and mostly loved) for the past eighteen years and embark on the next chapter in my life: college. For the past month, I've been saying goodbye to old friends, packing up my life, and shopping way way WAY too much. I still... Continue Reading →

My Summer: A Bulleted Summary

Somehow, I've blinked and summer has come to an end... which is bad for me because that means that I have to now scramble to get everything ready for college in the span of about two weeks. Here's a quick summary of what I've been up to and what I'm trying to cram in before... Continue Reading →

August 2017: A Playlist

Ah, the dog days of summer have arrived. Each moment of this month has suddenly become a combination of boredom because there's nothing to do and stress because there's so much to do before fall arrives. As an incoming college freshman, I'm spending the month of August doing a whole lot of shopping for my... Continue Reading →

My Summer Bucket List

I'm probably not going to get through all of these, but at least they're all realistic to complete so let's do this: Get CPR certified Volunteer at my┬áPT office Learn CHEM (GET CHEM MATERIALS) Get registered to vote Learn to swim well enough to save someone else if necessary Get Phlebotomy schooled Do my written... Continue Reading →

TV Show Couples are Toxic.

Delena. Chair. Clace. Ezria. MerDer. Name an iconic relationship in a TV show, and I bet you that 3/4 times, it's probably a toxic relationship. Maybe not at the end, but definitely in the beginning. And it makes sense, really. We crave drama and fantasy. We want to root for the relationships that evolve from... Continue Reading →

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