5SOS: What a Phase…

The other day, some friends (wow, I have friends!) and I ended up reminiscing about one of our favorite bands of high school: 5 Seconds of Summer. The three of us were obsessed: posters, concerts, fanfiction, the works. The majority of my tenth-grade experience was defined by intense Wattpad insert-reader fanfictions (not my proudest literary moment),... Continue Reading →


Spotify Playlist: A Time Capsule of the Past Six Months

When I decided to make a new playlist every month, I never realized how variable my music taste becomes within just a few short weeks. Often, I would get into a new genre halfway through a month and opt to create a separate playlist rather than combine my new music with the old. Also, as... Continue Reading →

What I’m Watching Right Now: The O.C.

You know, I'd like to think that I have good taste in television. I know which Netflix Original Series is worth watching, I've seen all of Game of Thrones, and I've done my best to avoid the type of mindless television that might as well be a reality show with a purposefully pre-packaged, cliche script. That is...... Continue Reading →

My first semester, a reflection.

How did time fly by so quickly? I suppose I should begin this by saying Happy New Year// Merry Christmas or maybe doing a spiel on "new year, new me", but somehow it doesn't seem relevant anymore. My hands are accustomed to writing 2018 instead of 2017, my brain is completely focused on my new... Continue Reading →

My First Few Weeks of College

Well, I'm in college now. It actually happened. The past few weeks have been tumultuous, but fun, as I've tried to figure out how to manage my life and join clubs and stuff. So far, I've taken on a workload that's probably way too much for me, but that I'm oddly okay and happy with.... Continue Reading →

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