The Taylor Swift Reputation Tour: A Review from a Childhood Fan

In second grade, my uncle came to visit from California, and he decided to show me the song that was "booming" on the West Coast: "Teardrops on My Guitar". He claimed that it was written by a sixteen-year-old girl from Nashville and showed me her music video on YouTube Vevo. When I saw her catchy... Continue Reading →


Pervasive yet Extinct: Confidence in Gen Z (aka I need more body confidence)

I hate to admit this... I really REALLY hate to admit this. Every fiber in my being is reminding me "remember, you didn't get an iPhone till you were 15. You watched the Amanda Show and adored all things Lisa Frank!" as I admit to the world that I am a part of Generation Z.... Continue Reading →

#SIS2018: My Self Improvement Summer

(Okay, maybe the hashtag is a bit lame, but it goes with my theme alright)   In my experience, people are constantly experiencing the ups and downs that encompass the rollercoaster that is life. Sometimes, a person is ready to change their life for the better, switching their white rice for brown [which according to... Continue Reading →

Summer 2018: A Guiding Plan

I need to commit my goals to the internet if I ever want to be held accountable. Otherwise, I will spend the next two months sitting here, doing nothing. And while I would love to do nothing, I would also like to either (a) do nothing with other people or (b) do something productive alone.... Continue Reading →

Welp, I’m Nineteen.

Spoiler Alert: This was just as anticlimactic as I expected... Growing up as an only child with an arguably unhealthy dependence on the acceptance of others (namely her friends) led to two inevitable outcomes: Annual birthday parties with guestlists spanning everyone from my absolute best friend to that girl that sat next to me in math... Continue Reading →

5SOS: What a Phase…

The other day, some friends (wow, I have friends!) and I ended up reminiscing about one of our favorite bands of high school: 5 Seconds of Summer. The three of us were obsessed: posters, concerts, fanfiction, the works. The majority of my tenth-grade experience was defined by intense Wattpad insert-reader fanfictions (not my proudest literary moment),... Continue Reading →

What I’m Watching Right Now: The O.C.

You know, I'd like to think that I have good taste in television. I know which Netflix Original Series is worth watching, I've seen all of Game of Thrones, and I've done my best to avoid the type of mindless television that might as well be a reality show with a purposefully pre-packaged, cliche script. That is...... Continue Reading →

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